Known for catering to the growing demand for high-quality refractory materials in the ferrous, non-ferrous, cement, petrochemicals and chemical industries.

Uniseven caters to the growing demand for refractories in the country emerging out of growth in the ferrous, non-ferrous, cement, petrochemicals and chemical industries. Our scope of supply of high-quality refractories includes:

  • Fire clay and high alumina refractories bricks (up to 90% alumina), including checkers and customized shapes for wide range of applications like coke ovens, steel ladles, re-heating furnaces, CC units, aluminium industry, cement industry and various non-ferrous sectors where the demand for quality and consistency is high
  • Complete range of slide gate accessories comprising well blocks, nozzles, seating blocks and seating sleeves etc.
  • Alumina-based abrasion resistant bricks as well as thermal spalling resistant bricks for critical applications in ferrous and non-ferrous industries
  • Mullite refractories, sillimanite refractories and alumina chrome refractories for special applications
  • The complete range of high purity (up to 95%) and medium purity castables for diverse applications
  • Complete range of low cement and ultra-low cement castables for critical applications
  • Dry gunning mass for coke ovens
  • Insulation castables for various applications required to conserve energy and for protection of metal shell
  • Specially designed castables for sponge iron kilns, including state-of-the-art high grain castables in order to effect substantial heat conservation, accretion resistance, high refractories life and lower refractories load on bearings and other moving parts of the rotary kiln
  • Spall resistant bricks for severe thermal shock areas
  • High alumina abrasion resistant refractories (up to 80% A1203) for electric arc furnaces and steel ladles
  • Slide plate accessories
  • Alumina chrome bricks for slag zone of steel ladles
  • Sillimanite based products for glass industries
  • Pre-cast shapes
  • Alumina mortars, ramming masses and patching masses
  • Fireclay and high alumina conventional constables
  • Low moisture high alumina castables

Bricks & Shapes

  • Fireclay bricks
  • Alumina bricks
  • High alumina bricks
  • Tar impregnated & tempered bricks
  • Mullite bricks
  • Chemically bonded bricks
  • Fired basic bricks


  • Regular dense castables
  • Medium cement dense castables
  • Low cement dense castablesLow cement dense castables
  • Self-flowing castables
  • Pumpable & shotcreteing castables
  • Regular and low cement gunning mixes
  • Low cement gunning mixes
  • Plastic and ramming mixes

Industry wise Products

Steel Industry

  • Torpedo ladle
  • Engineered pre cast (ready shapes) solutions
  • EAF
  • Ladle & LF
  • Tundish
  • Reheating furnace

Aluminium Industry

  • Aluminium calcining kiln
  • Anode baking furnace
  • Electrolytic pot
  • Ladle
  • Holding furnace
  • Rotary kiln
  • Twin chamber furnace (holding-melting)
  • Semi-continuous casting distributors

Refractory Raw Materials

White Fused Alumina

Calcined Bauxite

Calcined Alumina

Silicon Carbide

Brown Fused Alumina

Tabular Alumina