Areas of Work

Areas of Work

Ferrous & non-ferrous industry

Ferrous industry

  • Lime calcination and hydration plants
  • Air separation units / oxygen plants
  • Reheating and heat-treatment furnaces
  • Coke oven machines
  • Blast furnaces and sinter plants
  • SMS and rolling mills

Non-ferrous industry

  • Alumina refinery
  • Smelter
  • Carbon plant
  • Casthouse
  • Downstream production
  • Recycling plants

Air pollution control/ FGD

  • Renovation and modernisation
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Environmental monitoring & waste management
  • Consultancy services
  • Modernisation solutions
  • Process-related advice
  • Capacity and efficiency enhancement services

Oil & Gas

  • Process understanding, including tankages, pipelines and its related civil, structural and fabrication work
  • Installation of equipment
  • Process pipelines
  • Off-site pipelines & utilities
  • Civil, structural and tanking work in the oil, gas and fertiliser sectors.

Refractory engineering & applications

  • Refractory & insulation
  • Ceramic welding
  • Shotcreting
  • Pump casting
  • Scaffolding
  • Fireproof & painting
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Specialised inspection services

Infrastructure projects

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Hydraulic system

  • Hydraulic power packs: Max pressure: 100-350 kg/cm2. Oil tank size: 50-5000 litres. System operation: manual/electrical control/PLC panel.
  • Hydraulic cylinders: Available in both standard and custom designs. Maximum bore diameter - 400 mm. Maximum pressure - 350 bar. Maximum stroke - 5000 mm
  • Hydraulic presses: Custom-built up to 450 MT capacity. Control: via computer-aided electrical /electronic panels. Heating system: steam, oil and/or electric. Type: Pillar, H/C – Frame (Open Throat)
  • Hydraulic SPMs: Scissor lifts, hydraulic jacks, compactors, shock absorbing testing machines, automated car parking systems, ceramic extrusion machines, truck tipplers, and portable filter units.
  • Hydraulic manifolds/valve mounting blocks: CETOP 3 & 5, NG 16 & 22 valve mounting blocks ranging from 1-10 stations. Custom built for specific applications.
  • Hydraulic accessories & spares: Hydraulic pipe fittings, pressure line filter elements, PVC pipe clamps and spares. Readily available for instant service and downtime reduction.
  • Customised hydraulic equipment/systems

Electrical substation

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Bulk Material Handling Projects

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Water Management & Distribution

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