Refractory Application and Maintenance

DUN Industrial Services Pvt Ltd, is a part of 110-year's old Jiwanram Sheoduttrai Group (JS Group), with presence and business interest all over India and in several parts of the world.

Ceramic Welding

Ceramic Welding is basically a proven method for hot repairs of industrial furnaces under operating temperatures. A mixture of ceramic and metallic particles is projected with oxygen onto the hot refractory ceramic surface and melts on impact both the projected powder, as well as the surface, thus creating a bond, equivalent to metallic welding.

Refractory Services

DUN caters to the growing application demand for refractories in the country emerging out of growth in the ferrous, non-ferrous, cement, petrochemicals and chemical industries.

Shotcrete Applications

“Shotcrete” is a wet-method for the application of special monolithic
refractory materials.
Premixed, pumpable refractory castables are conveyed to the place of
application with special high pressure pumps (approx. 250 bar) over
distances until 80 m and more.