We specialise in the design, development, manufacture, supply, erection, and commissioning of a vast range of industrial hydraulic systems, components, and accessories across all industry segments.


  • Hydraulic power packs: Max pressure: 100-350 kg/cm2. Oil tank size: 50-5000 litres. System operation: manual/electrical control/PLC panel.
  • Hydraulic cylinders: Available in both standard and custom designs. Maximum bore diameter - 400 mm. Maximum pressure - 350 bar. Maximum stroke - 5000 mm
  • Hydraulic presses: Custom-built up to 450 MT capacity. Control: via computer-aided electrical /electronic panels. Heating system: steam, oil and/or electric. Type: Pillar, H/C – Frame (Open Throat)
  • Hydraulic SPMs: Scissor lifts, hydraulic jacks, compactors, shock absorbing testing machines, automated car parking systems, ceramic extrusion machines, truck tipplers, and portable filter units.
  • Hydraulic manifolds/valve mounting blocks: CETOP 3 & 5, NG 16 & 22 valve mounting blocks ranging from 1-10 stations. Custom built for specific applications.
  • Hydraulic accessories & spares: Hydraulic pipe fittings, pressure line filter elements, PVC pipe clamps and spares. Readily available for instant service and downtime reduction.
  • Customised hydraulic equipment/systems


  • Erection & commissioning
  • System modifications
  • Advance hydraulic training and certification
  • Advance hydraulic training and certification
  • Component sourcing and distribution
  • Refurbishing
  • Operation & maintenance

Industry Focused Hydraulic Products!


We has been designing, manufacturing and supplying hydraulic power packs to numerous industries across India, Nigeria, Iran, Bangladesh, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, Iceland, Turkey, Korea, Bahrain, and Myanmar. The company is well known for its matchless variety of tailor made power packs suiting its client’s technical specifications.


We make presses, shears are most sought after for their advanced design & robust construction.


CETOP 3 & 5, NG 16 & 22 valve mounting blocks ranging from 1 – 10 stations. Custom built blocks for specific applications


We manufactures a wide range of hydraulic cylinders for multiple/various industrial applications.


We manufactures Scissor Lift, Hydraulic Jack, Compactor, Shock Absorbing Testing Machine, Automated Car Parking System, Ceramic Extrusion Machine, Tripler, Portable Filtering Unit, Hydraulic Training Kit, High Pressure & Low Pressure Hydraulic Test Bench.


We is a renowned engineering firm with immense experience in the field of manufacturing a comprehensive variety of hydraulic accessories. We have been serving to various industries by making all sorts of hydraulic accessories as per their requirements.