Services Overview

Unisevenhas a strong focus on installation & commissioning of non-ferrous metallurgical projects. While it has accumulated considerable experience in the design, erection and commissioning of cast house in the non-ferrous metallurgical segment, the company also specializes in the following:

  • Total solutions for underground mining projects.
  • Design, engineering, supply, erection & commissioning, and renovation of air pollution systems
  • Design, engineering, supply & erection of water treatment plants
  • Design, engineering, supply & Installation of firefighting plants
  • Design, engineering, supply & installation of medium-size material/coal handling plants
  • Electrical substations
  • Mechanical, electrical & instrumentation aspects of various process-oriented projects
  • Building structure with industrial shade and civil works
  • Engineering, supply & installation of plant water cooling and distribution systems
  • Conveyor installation & revamping projects
  • Erection of plant & machinery related to different industries
  • Utility piping

Uniseven also partners process licensees for special projects such as:

  • Solvent recovery projects and VOC abatement with regenerative thermal oxidiser
  • Underground incline shaft sinking construction project with China Coal No5 Construction Company
  • Total fire protection system with FirePro

The companyhas already carved out a reputation for excellence in less than a decade of operations.