TME is the combination of management, financial, economic, engineering and other practices applied to tangible and intangible assets and accessories with the objective of providing the required level of service in the most cost-effective manner.

Uniseven: TME Management Solution

1. Provide and support traceable measurements and uncertainties

2. Measurement data collection

3. Ensure that equipment, accessories and systems used are available, operational, safe and properly configured to meet the requirements.

4. Equipment is used in an effective way consistent with the highest standards of care

5. Ensure that the selected equipment is designed to limit the potential for loss, harm or damage to the user and facilities through various means of analysis prior to and during acquisition.

6. Monitoring and foreseeing problems during the life cycle of the equipment and collaborating with the parties who manufacture, design, regulate or recommend safe devices or systems.

Uniseven: TME Solution Attributes:

1. Infra technology – Configuration Management, Standards, MTE (Meter Test Equipment), documentary standards, Compliance etc.

2. Property, Inventory and Tool Control systems.

3. Warehousing, Logistics, Service, Support and Re (Deployment)

4. Acquisition, Consumables and Disposition Management.

5. Fiscal Management and Value-added services.

6. Technology Assessments and Refresh Strategies.

TME Segments:

1. Power & energy

2. Oil & Gas

3. Manufacturing

4. Defense

5. Education

6. R&D

7. Railways

8. Pharmaceuticals

9. IT services

10. Service & Maintenance

11. Food & Beverages

12. Mining

13. Industry Machinery

14. Electronics

15. Electrical

TME Products:

1. Digital Multi-meters

2. Clamp Meters

3. Insulation Testers

4. Scope Meters

5. Laser Distance Meters

6. Earth Ground Testers

7. Electrical Testers

8. Infrared Tools

9. Battery Analyzers

10. Power Quality Analyzers

11. Process Calibration Tools

12. Scope Meters

13. Field Calibrators

14. Digital Thermometers

15. Indoor Air Quality Tools

16. Electrical Testers

17. Earth Ground Testers

18. Installation Testers

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